University Governance

University Governance of Seacom Skills University

University Governance

  • Seacom Skills University is established under West Bengal Government’s policy (Vide Official Gazette Notification No. : 142-Edn (U) dated 31/01/2013), in line with the provisions under section 2(f) of the University Grant Commission (UGC) Act, 1956, as has been passed as Seacom Skills University Act, 2014 by the West Bengal Legislative Assembly (West Bengal Act VI of 2014) and has received the assent of the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal on 11th April 2014 (Vide Official Gazette Notification no. 396-Edn(U) / OM-155L / 2012).

  • Constitution of Governing Board

    ✓ Mrs. Nilima Chakraborty - Chancellor

    ✓ Mr. Anish Chakraborty - Representative of Sponsoring Trust

    ✓ Ms. Sumita Chakraborty - Representative of Sponsoring Trust

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Manjusha Tarafdar - Vice Chancellor

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Sajal Dasgupta – Academician nominated by Chancellor

    ✓ Mr. Hruday Behera - Expert from Finance nominated by Chancellor

    ✓ Mr. Ratan Mazumdar - Expert from Legal nominated by Chancellor

    ✓ Mr. Anjan Dutta - Expert from Humanities nominated by Chancellor

    ✓ Mr. Debasish Biswas - Industry Expert nominated by Chancellor

    ✓ Nominee of Visitor - Applied For

    ✓ Nominee of State Government - Applied For

    ✓Registrar - Prof. (Dr.) Surajit C. Mukhopadhyay

  • Academic Council

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Manjusha Tarafdar, Vice Chancellor

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Samir Kr. Das

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Sudip Kr. Chattopadhyay

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Sriyanka Acharyya

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Debashis De

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Anjan Dasgupta

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Hafizur Rahaman

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Samaresh Bhattacharya

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Prabhat Kr. Dhara

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Sanyukta Bhattacharya

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Papri Ghosh

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Apurba Sengupta

    By Invitation:

    ✓ Mr. Anish Chakraborty, Chancellor's Representative

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Sajal Dasgupta, Chairman, Governing Board

    ✓ Prof. (Dr.) Surajit C. Mukhopadhyay, Registrar

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