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The Dept of Physics is one of the prestigious Departments of our University. The department has grown into the present structure with both UG and PG sections and furthermore, with a lot of research activities. The present faculty members are highly dedicated for quality physics education with innovative methods of theory teaching & practices and inspiring & guided laboratory classes.


The Department of Chemistry is one of the premier science departments of the University with a dedicated and dynamic group of teachers who are not only keen in imparting quality education to the students but are also actively engaged in research. The faculty members are eager to encourage the students for taking up research as their career. The Department consists of full time faculty members and the teaching methods employed are in the form of classroom lectures, visual mode using power point presentation as well as practical classes.


This department along with efficient teacher educators handles professionally contemporary and relevant social awareness and health aspects. The B.Sc, M.Sc and PhD at SEACOM provide the students with a comprehensive education that merges the science of Nutrition with a broader view of wellness, community and the environment. The course is career orienting and aims at preparing students to fulfill multifarious roles of that of Nutritionist, Medical Nutrition Therapist, Food Scientist, Entrepreneur and Researcher in various professional arenas.


Since India is an agrarian country, this field will never run out of job opportunities. To be honest, qualified professionals are always valued, when it comes to agriculture sector. Thus, it is evident that there is more than just one reason to pursue this course! The program consists of topics such as- agriculture science, use of modern scientific equipment and techniques in agriculture, land surveying, soil science, water resource management, animal and poultry management, basics of biotechnology etc. The main aim of SEACOM is to use the above mentioned concepts to train students improve agriculture productivity, manage products and pave way for future developments through research activities. Fisheries Science is concerned with the catching, conservation, managing, marketing and processing of fish and is treated as one of the most important areas in the field of science .This field is an interdisciplinary one and needs to collect information from different fields like Oceanography, Management ,Economics , Ecology and biology. The course curriculum of SEACOM is designed to study various aspects relating to breeding of fish along with farming and husbandry of important fishes and aquatic organisms. After completion of the course, candidates can get into job positions like technicians, biochemist, research assistant, or as biologist etc.


Geography is the study of the surrounding in which we live, which includes our Earth, other planets and heavenly bodies etc. This genre of study is research of the entire possible physical thing which is present in our surroundings. After completion of Bachelor’s degree, an aspirant can go for higher studies such as Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D programs. One can work with industries dealing with minerals, mining industries, and oil and petroleum industries and can also work with archeological departments after completing graduations in Geography. Apart from all these jobs, one can also go for research options after undertaking a course at SEACOM.


Bio-Science is a science that studies any living organism's biological aspects. Subjects studied under this degree are - Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Environmental Science etc. There are a lot of career opportunities in the field of biology, biomedical and life Sciences after pursing a course from SEACOM.


Some of the main thrust areas of this programme is to encourage students to get an in depth knowledge on the ecological and environmental issues in the world. The subject syllabi, curriculum and teaching of SEACOM has been set up in such a way to create an interest for the subject within the student community. We also try to engage the students in classroom discussions. The examination papers are set in a manner so that the students can keep abreast of all the latest happenings around the world that concern environmental issues. The higher motive, however, is that the students become environmentally more conscious and implement the learning into their own daily lives. The success of the course lies in bringing these attitudinal changes in the hearts of the student community.

Seacom Collaboration

  • 1. MOU has been signed  with Scotland’s Colleges International

    ( SCI), an “Association of 43 Scottish Colleges of global repute”  for the purpose of ensuring collaboration in all engineering and technological spheres for input in pedagogy, learner centric  skill development and exchange of faculty & students etc.

    2. INTERNATIONAL COLLABORATION with Bournville College, UK  for input in pedagogy, skill development  and exchange of faculty & students etc.


    A  MOU has been signed  with IBM entitled  “Carrier Education  In IBM Software(CEIS)”  for the purpose :

    Knowing  the Technology of IBM software.

    Obtaining Global Certificate of IBM.

    Job Opportunities at IBM or any other Companies who use  IBM software.

    COLLABORATION  WITH   Tally Solutions Ltd :

    Creation of Skilled Manpower for Financial Packages widely used in Industry, highly useful for MBA & MCA students apart from Engineering Graduates.

    3. Besides, the institute is also connected with Infosys for “Campus Connect”   Programmes

    Training program conducted in Seacom Engineering College by Infosys to prepare the fresher on various topics and fields to make them Industry ready for last 3yrs.

    Students took part in programming contest conducted by INFOSYS through “Aspiration 2020”in January/February 2009 and got position in the contest INFOSYS presented a laptop to the college for students in eastern zone.

What Students Say

About SEACOM ?

Vision & Mission

SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY is the latest venture of a well known Trust in Kolkata involved in multifarious activities for more than a decade now. The Group has taken a new approach in offering Engineering and Technical Education with maximum industry orientation and more stress on practical skills, aiming at building greater confidence in students....  Read More

The SEACOM Advantage

Empowering students through equal opportunity in academic achievement and their overall personality and leadership development, inculcating in them entrepreneurship skills with quality education and training along modern technology.
• The only skills university in the state and one of the first two in the country.
• World class education and training with 360 degree teaching and learning pedagogies covering practical knowledge, discussion based learning, group discussions, case studies and interactive learning....  Read More

University Governance

Seacom Skills University is established under West Bengal Government’s policy (Vide Official Gazette Notification No. : 142-Edn (U) dated 31/01/2013), in line with the provisions under section 2(f) of the University Grant Commission (UGC) Act, 1956, as has been passed as Seacom Skills University Act, 2014 by the West Bengal Legislative Assembly (West Bengal Act VI of 2014) and has received the assent of the Hon’ble Governor of West Bengal on 11th April 2014 (Vide Official Gazette Notification no. 396-Edn(U) / OM-155L / 2012)....  Read More

Seacom Collaborations

Scotland’s Colleges International (SCI) Collaboration
Seacom Skills University has been chosen by Scotland’s Colleges International (SCI), an “Association of 43 Scottish Colleges of global repute” for academic collaboration in all engineering and technological spheres in the areas of Pedagogy, Learner Centric Skill Development and Faculty & Students Exchange Programs etc....Read More