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Message From Registrar

  • It is indeed an honor to be a part of SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY. The University has traversed a long distance in a short span of time by setting up new bench marks in the field of technical as well as professional education.

    In this age of global competitiveness, employment opportunities will demand increasing skills thus higher & professional education issues will receive high priority throughout the world. It is clear to us for a good many years that the traditional educational system cannot keep pace with a rapidly evolving scientific technology and system . Any country that wishes to compete in today’s market place must be equipped with highly educated and skilled work force.

    We at the SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY are committed to offer degree of flexibility and caliber disseminating higher education to our students and will endeavor to blend to the best of academic rigor and pragmatic applications that will contribute to the success of our graduates in the work place. Each student’s program of study will be individually customized to ensure that his/her educational objectives will be achieved in the shortest allowable time frame.

    It hardly needs any mention that in such an academic ambience which the teachers have the responsibility to create the most inspiring teaching and learning environment, the students are obliged to make the most out of it.

    I personally feel that the students must remember that is very important to understand the value of time, the greatness of being truthful and to never lack in effort to fulfill ones goal. In the race for quality, there is no finish line.

    On behalf of the SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY and on my own behalf, I assure my continued support, guidance and help, and extend very warm welcome and best wishes to all the individuals associated with SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY.

    Let us all strive to help SEACOM SKILLS UNIVERSITY to achieve newer heights of excellence so that our students carry the flag of the nation to different corners of the horizon.

    Dr. (Prof.) Raghunath Datta

    (Registrar, Seacom Skills University)